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The Four Destroyers of Wealth, and How to Avoid Them

money & debt freedom Jan 20, 2019

Actually, some of them can’t be avoided, only minimized.

Here they are:

  1. Taxes

It’s hard to avoid taxes completely, nor should we want to. As capitalists living in a free society, we should all be willing to pay our share of taxes. They of course fund many of the things we enjoy, like highways, schools, and our soldiers who preserve our freedom.

The key, though, is to pay only your fair share, and no more. To do this, you could invest hours, days, weeks or more learning all about the tax laws. And, you’d still not be able to become as tax efficient as possible.

The smart thing to do here is educate yourself on the basics and hire a good CPA. Not just a tax preparer, I mean a real Certified Public Accountant. If you’re in business of any kind, this is a must for at least three reasons:

First, you don’t have time to become a tax expert. Second, you’re paying a lot more in taxes than you should. A good CPA can use the tax laws to your advantage....

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How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

The Mentorship360 mastermind group is studying what it takes to achieve the goals that most everyone wants, but many often fail to achieve. In this post, you'll learn how to reach your goals...from a man diagnosed with ADHD and nearly flunked out of school. Few expected him to succeed in life.

He became the CFO for one of the most successful hedge funds in history, and earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records (but wait until you see HOW he did it). He discovered the secret to reaching goals, "one gray square at a time." He shares his secret in the video below.

Enjoy the video:

Want more help reaching your goals?

We meet every Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on zoom.  If you'd like to learn about the Mentorship360 Mastermind Group and coaching program, get back with the person who shared this post with you . It’s invitation only. They can provide more details and explain the application process.

Also, you might find these free e-book...

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How To Shop Without Worrying About Money

money & debt freedom Dec 01, 2018

Yes, it's possible to shop with confidence and know that you're in control of your money, and avoid the downward spiral of debt. All you need is this simple tool. Here's an overview:

Most folks are so overwhelmed with life...keeping the boss happy, paying student loans, getting the kids to ball practice, caring for aging parents, planning meals, shopping for essentials...that they take their eye off the very thing that can give them more time freedom and less stress.

Specifically, they take their eye off their cash flow.

They're driving their financial mini-van down the road 70 miles per hour looking through a drinking straw. All they can see is what is right in front of them. Plus, they're distracted with kids throwing french fries at one another, cell phone buzzing, traffic whizzing by, and their mental chatter playing in the background.

Then they get slammed in the side--"T-Boned" by a financial surprise.

They didn't even see it coming.

I’ve personally experienced this...

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