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How To Shop Without Worrying About Money

money & debt freedom Dec 01, 2018

Yes, it's possible to shop with confidence and know that you're in control of your money, and avoid the downward spiral of debt. All you need is this simple tool. Here's an overview:

Most folks are so overwhelmed with life...keeping the boss happy, paying student loans, getting the kids to ball practice, caring for aging parents, planning meals, shopping for essentials...that they take their eye off the very thing that can give them more time freedom and less stress.

Specifically, they take their eye off their cash flow.

They're driving their financial mini-van down the road 70 miles per hour looking through a drinking straw. All they can see is what is right in front of them. Plus, they're distracted with kids throwing french fries at one another, cell phone buzzing, traffic whizzing by, and their mental chatter playing in the background.

Then they get slammed in the side--"T-Boned" by a financial surprise.

They didn't even see it coming.

I’ve personally experienced this both in my business and personal finances. I remember arriving home one Christmas Eve only to discover my bank account wiped clean. And I’ve had tens of thousands embezzled from my business by a dishonest bookkeeper.

All of this is totally preventable. Here are four steps to guide you, and a way to make it easy:

  1. Make it visible. What I mean here is make your cash flow visible to you, so you can see the past, present and future cash flow activity at a glance. You can’t improve something you can’t see. And monthly checkbook balancing and traditional budgeting no longer cut it.
  2. Check it daily (for a while). Look at your outflows and inflows daily, at least in the beginning, especially in a very active account. You’ll spot small charges for things you’ve forgotten to cancel or know nothing about, and you’ll have time to make a correction quickly to keep entropy at bay.
  3. Reconcile it weekly. In just twenty minutes each weekend, you can reconcile your cash flow and plan for future week inflows and outflows. This will change your behavior. Plus, you will have tremendous confidence, peace of mind, and power going into the new week.
  4. Do it together. You and your business and/or life partner should do this together if you have a joint account. This creates accountability and opens lines of communication that are sorely needed to keep your partnership healthy and fulfilling.

When you implement these four habits, you’re scanning the road ahead, looking in all your mirrors, with panoramic view and situational awareness. Plus, your new, informed, fact based thinking will help you make better decisions and create new habits. Better thinking, better decisions and better habits will win the money game.

This is the key that locks entropy and chaos out of your castle, leaving Murphy hungry and cold as he peeks through the window at your warm holiday feast.

If you'd like to get this money thing under control once and for all, then treat yourself to a family tested method that works. You'll get free access to the quick-start training in the members area of this site.

In Gratitude,


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In Gratitude,

Dale Gibbons

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