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Half Truth #1: “No Fear”

A man wearing a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet was riding a mountain bike on a forest trail. Suddenly, a very hacked-off grizzly bounced into view, picking up speed with the obvious intention of cutting him off at the pass and having him for lunch.

The next video in my YouTube feed had a thumbnail image that read, “No Fear”.

Really? No fear? As in, none?

You can bet the dude on the bike had plenty of that stuff we're not supposed to have...you know..."fear".

Bumper stickers and T-shirts of all kinds, all over the globe would lead us to believe we should be fearless in the face of things that naturally scare the shizzle out of mere mortals.

We’ve had this pounded into our heads since childhood. There’s a playground name for it. At some point, you were likely called “chicken” or “scaredy-cat” on the playground by your peers. (Or was it just me?)

But is fear bad? Is it a sign of weakness? Should we really have no fear?...

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How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

The Mentorship360 mastermind group is studying what it takes to achieve the goals that most everyone wants, but many often fail to achieve. In this post, you'll learn how to reach your goals...from a man diagnosed with ADHD and nearly flunked out of school. Few expected him to succeed in life.

He became the CFO for one of the most successful hedge funds in history, and earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records (but wait until you see HOW he did it). He discovered the secret to reaching goals, "one gray square at a time." He shares his secret in the video below.

Enjoy the video:

Want more help reaching your goals?

We meet every Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on zoom.  If you'd like to learn about the Mentorship360 Mastermind Group and coaching program, get back with the person who shared this post with you . It’s invitation only. They can provide more details and explain the application process.

Also, you might find these free e-book...

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How The Power of The Mastermind Can Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

You have goals you’d like to reach. You’d like your life to be better.

Better marriage. Better career. Better financial situation. Better friendships.

According to James Clear, author of the book, “Atomic Habits”, the people you associate with are perhaps the most important influencer in your efforts to reach your goals.

According to Clear, it’s critical to “Join a culture where your desired behavior is the normal behavior, and get an accountability partner.”

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, defined association as “the mastermind group” principle. According to Hill, the mastermind is:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Here’s more wisdom on the topic from General Colin Powell:

“The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you...

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How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job

Sometime today or tomorrow—or next week, in practically every business in the United States, an important executive will sit back in her chair and study a list of names on a computer screen before her.

A position of great responsibility and compensation is open, and she is faced with the problem of the ages—“Where can I find the go-getter I need for this role?”

Will your name be on her list?

It could be, if you knew how to network properly, using online and offline tools, and you had built a strong network of influencers who could introduce you to her.

The truth is, when times are good, it's easy to ignore networking and building one's marketability. Then, when the day comes to find a new job, the first place most folks reactively, fearfully turn is job boards, postings, and recruiters.

Whether you're holding a new degree or a new pink slip, you probably, intuitively, know that the best positions never grace the pages of Monster or Indeed, and don't make it...

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