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How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job

Sometime today or tomorrow—or next week, in practically every business in the United States, an important executive will sit back in her chair and study a list of names on a computer screen before her.

A position of great responsibility and compensation is open, and she is faced with the problem of the ages—“Where can I find the go-getter I need for this role?”

Will your name be on her list?

It could be, if you knew how to network properly, using online and offline tools, and you had built a strong network of influencers who could introduce you to her.

The truth is, when times are good, it's easy to ignore networking and building one's marketability. Then, when the day comes to find a new job, the first place most folks reactively, fearfully turn is job boards, postings, and recruiters.

Whether you're holding a new degree or a new pink slip, you probably, intuitively, know that the best positions never grace the pages of Monster or Indeed, and don't make it to the recruiter's desk.

The best jobs are filled through personal and professional networking.

If you're behind on building your network and getting access to decision makers and their unpublished openings, then social media, especially Linkedin, is one of the best places to get started. You must, however, know the preeminent rule...the secret handshake on LinkedIn.

Here it is:

Connect with the genuine intent and commitment to help others before you ask them to help you.

That's it. Simple, isn't it?

Well, yes, it's simple, but not easy. Here are 6 things you can do today that will help you get more interviews.

1. Polish your profile: Your photo, title, and summary are the first things others see, so invest the time to do these right and make a great first impression.

For example, most people use the job title given to them by their employer, like Software Engineer or Administrative Assistant, etc. This is missed opportunity. For two very powerful title templates that get attention and makes a great first impression, download this free 14 point Linkedin profile checklist.

2. Find the right people: Linkedin is a treasure trove of information for the job seeker. Use the search feature to identify the decision makers who would likely be your new boss, not the HR manager. Send them a personalized connection request that proves you're sincere, that you're not trying to sell them something, and that you're not a bot.

3. Develop your outreach plan: Now that you have a magnetic profile and a list of hiring managers, it's time to plan your approach.

Start with a simple list of names (developed from your search), send personalized connection requests, and keep track of your actions to be sure you're following up consistently.

4. Offer to help: Everyone on LinkedIn, at every station in life, wants and needs something or someone to help them develop or maintain progress toward their goals. You're job on LinkedIn is to research your connections and find out what that progress looks like for them. 

Their profile summaries, work history, writing, sharing, and interaction with posts leaves strong clues about what they're striving for.

You can easily share a book title, article, connection, or idea that you've found or experienced personally that might help them.

5. Share relevant information and posts: Linkedin isn't the best place for kitty cat videos. Keep those on Facebook and Snapchat. Use Linkedin to share thought provoking ideas and content that will be interesting to your professional audience.

For example, if you're a Civil Engineer, then connect with others in the field, at companies where you'd like to work, and share compelling articles and content that will get civil engineers excited--or at least interested--in what you have to say.

6. Write your own articles: This might sound daunting at first, but it really isn't. You can use the talk-to-text feature on your smart phone and dictate something into your notes app, then send it to an editor to be turned into readable content. A 500 to 1,000 word article can be edited and polished for well under $100. And, isn't this career move worth it? If you'd like to use my editor, grab the checklist and be sure to send me an email reply once you receive it. I'll then make the introduction.

A final note about Linkedin:

It's not the ONLY tool you should use in your job search, but it's a very valuable one. Also, you might bump into Linkedin's daily use limit quickly if you're marketing yourself as you should be. If so, you can use their app on your smart phone, which doesn't seem to be as constrained. Or, you can bite the bullet and pay for a premium account, which I highly recommend.

What to do next:

Download the 14 point Linkedin profile checklist and get started making the changes today.

Visit my Linkedin profile at https://linkedin.com/in/dalegibbons and send me a connection request.

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In Gratitude,


Feel free to connect on Linkedin at https://linkedin.com/in/dalegibbons Be sure to personalize your message and mention this site and blog post, or it's unlikely that I will accept your request (sorry).


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