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​How To Change Failure and Struggle Into Success and Happiness

life & happiness Dec 29, 2018

Why do some folks, who seem to have everything in life, end up losing it all? We’ve all heard of athletes and lottery winners who end up broke and worse off than before their ship came in.

And worse are the stories of suicide by celebrities and others who seem to "have it all".

These unfortunate souls believed the fantasy that success would protect them from life’s struggles. But when success came with its new struggles and responsibilities, they weren’t prepared.

There’s a new devil at every level. For some, their disillusion and disappointment with this truth is more than they can bear.

The fact is, the things that make us envy a successful lifestyle do not make everything that’s difficult in life disappear. No level of achievement will stop the universe from presenting you with challenges.

According to psychologists Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels, it’s possible to turn struggle into success by first accepting 3 things:

1) Life never stops creating demands and difficulties. No one—no matter how successful—has the magical power to change that. It’s the human condition. Progress and comfort do not co-exist.

2) Happiness doesn’t come from a life of ease. It does not come from any person, place or thing. It comes from within. It comes to those who stay engaged with life no matter how painful that might be. The secret to tolerating life’s adversity is to reframe your circumstances and find meaning in every challenge.

3) Life—including its most difficult moments—becomes meaningful only when you are working to discover and develop your potential. This needn’t require a huge change in your circumstances but it does require determination and awareness during adversity.

True success in life is meaningful progress toward a worthwhile goal. This year, make one of your goals the development of your potential. Find the meaning in every struggle and the opportunity in every failure.

The purpose of Mentorship360 is to help you reach your goals

We do this through an invitation only mastermind group and online training so you can make progress in four areas:

  1. Money & Debt Freedom
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  3. Life & Happiness
  4. Time & Personal Productivity

My prayer is that you skillfully and boldly increase your territory this year and that you make an even grander, more meaningful contribution to the world.

Make it a wonderful 2019


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In Gratitude,


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